5 Simple Ways Jasmine Roth Upgrades Builder-Basic Homes

The host of HGTV’s new series, House to Home, takes cookie-cutter houses and makes them custom. Here are her tips for some easy home upgrades.

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Orange County Register

Who will inherit the HGTV crown after “Fixer Upper”?

Jasmine Roth of Huntington Beach is a contender for the HGTV crown with her new “Hidden Potential” show.

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Builder/Designer Jasmine Roth Takes Houses From Bland To Beautiful In New HGTV Home Reno Series ‘Hidden Potential’

Builder and designer Jasmine Roth infuses generic suburban homes with a shot of personality….

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Alumna’s Pilot Picked up by HGTV

What makes a house a home? In her new HGTV show House to Home, alumna Jasmine Roth, DMSB’08, is on a mission to transform cookie-cutter houses into customized homes.

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The Great Outdoors

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10 Things to Know About ‘Hidden Potential’ Host Jasmine Roth

Get to know the host of HGTV’s latest series, Hidden Potential, airing Tuesdays at 10|9c.

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DIY Woven Wall Art

Designer and HGTV host Jasmine Roth is making her own wall decor using rope mop heads.

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KTLA Morning News

Jasmine Roth Shares her Interior Design Wisdom

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LA Times

Orange County’s boring ‘burbs get HGTV makeovers

HGTV host Jasmine Roth of ‘Hidden Potential’ renovates O.C.’s tedious tract homes

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