At a recent shin-dig at 310 11th Street we realized that there was something different.  Babies, babies, babies!  They were everywhere!  Inspired by the opportunity to create something functional, we immediately started scouring our nooks for the perfect place to install a changing area.  Yes, that’s right, we were a little skeptical of our friends changing their little ones on our master bed – do you blame us?

After much thought, we found the perfect place.  Laundry area! Undecorated and pretty boring, we couldn’t wait for the transformation. 

Let’s collect supplies!  First things first – a custom wallboard to hold all the photos our friends send us.  Our inspiration for the wallboards came from the creative blog Love Grows Wild.  We measured the wall and off we went to Home Depot for a piece of plywood.  A little bit of dark stain and then application of some gold paint for custom letters.

Here is how we taped off the board to protect the stained wood from the gold spray paint.  The hardest part was to keep the stencil close to the wood.

While the paint dried, we collected all the baby changing necessities and printed photos for some extra frames we had.  Also a paper mobile ordered from Amazon…

Next up, we knew we wanted our changing pad in a tray or something to keep it from just sitting on the countertop.  We did find a top-of-dresser tray at Land of Nod but the price was a bit over our budget.  Instead, an idea to make our own tray took form.  A discounted white tray from West Elm was cut in half by our carpenter and wood was added.  We then used an orange stain to give the wood a pop of color.  

Off to Target for a baby changing pad, to Land of Nod for a changing pad cover, and Ikea to finish the whole space with a faux fur and pretty plant.  Here is the finished product!

And a few more details…