In 2009 we were the hap, hap, happiest folks when we purchased these lockers at the LONG BEACH SWAP MEET.  I think they were about $20…maybe $15…

We were obsessed with the chippy paint, the original number details, and most of all the fact that they could hold all our junk!  

But, this story doesn’t end here.  After years of use (holding tv’s, dog toys, remote control cars) lugged from one rental house to another, it was time to give them their forever home.  In order to accomplish this, we had a custom herringbone top made from old wine sticks.  For similar furniture and custom pieces we are obsessed with SALVAGE DESIGN COMPANY.  

We then loaded the lockers in our car, dropped them off for sandblasting, and headed to Home Depot.  On the list of materials;  Rustoleum spray paint, Painters tape, Plywood cut to size, and Self-tapping screws.  We had some old casters that we were looking to repurpose, or those might have been on the list too.  When we got the call to pick up our lockers – we were ready!  Painting the inside of the doors and cubbies was the hardest part.  Finally, once the paint had dried, we were able to attach the plywood to the bottom.  We took a rag and ran some dark stain over the plywood, no need to see raw wood!  Then the top was sealed with an outdoor polyurethane and ta-da!  All done!  What do you think?